Natural Vitamin E(Tocopherol)

Product Overview

CAS No: 59-02-9

EINECS No:224-403-8

Molecular Formula:C29H50O2

Resource: Soy Bean oil

Physical Properties

Vitamin E oil-mixed tocopherols (Tocopherol) is derived from soybean oil, as nature's fat-soluble antioxidant constitutes: Alpha-tocopherol, Beta-tocopherol, Gamma-tocopherol, Delta-tocopherol. Beta-tocopherol exists in concentrations too low to have any practical significance, free of solvent residue and metal ion. Gamma and Delta-tocopherols are known primarily for their antioxidant properties. Being used as antioxidant, their physiological activities are: Delta > Beta > Gamma > Alpha. Nowadays, Natural Vitamin E is divided into Mixed Tocopherol (Low alpha-tocopherol) and Tocopherol (High alpha-tocopherol).

• Brownish or light yellow, transparent oil-like liquid with mild and special odor.
• Density 0.947-0.955 and high boiling point 250 (13.33 Pa).
• Soluble in ethanol, acetones, diethyl ether, chloroform and vegetable oils & fats, Insoluble in water.
• No calorie, not involved in metabolism in human body .

Molecular formula:

Alpha-tocopherol: R1=R2=CH3,
Beta-tocopherol: R1=H, R2=CH3
Gamma-tocopherol: R1=CH3, R2=H
Delta-tocopherol: R1=R2=H,

Technical Literature

Specification of Vitamin E oil-mixed tocopherols (Tocopherol)

Test Items Specification
Total tocopherol 50% min|70%min|90%min|95%min
Acidity(mg KOH/g) 2 max
Heavy metal (Pb) 20 ppm max
Ash(mg /kg) 1 max
Rotatory ratio[α]D25℃ +24º min


  • In food and health product production:
  • -As a natural antioxidant inside cells, supplies oxygen to blood, which is carried to the heart and other organs;thus alleviating fatigue; aids in bringing nourishment to cells.
    -As an antioxidant and nutrition fortifier which is different to the synthetic on components, structure, physical characteristics and activity. It has rich nutrition and high security, and is prone to be absorbed by human body.
  • In feed and poultry feed industry
  • -As dietary supplements and in food technology as antioxidant.
    -Acts as an antioxidant controlling redox reactions in a variety of tissues and organs.
    -Also provide protection against pulmonary oxygen poisoning.
  • In cosmetics industry
  • -Improves microcirculation of the skin.
    -Protects against U.V irradiations.
    -Maintains natural moisture of skin

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