L-Carnitine 50% Feed grade

Product Overview

CAS#: 541-15-1

EINECS No.:208-768-0

Molecular Formula: C7H15NO3

Molecular Weight: 161.2

Physical Properties

L-carnitine 50% feed grade
L-Carnitine is white crystal or crystalline powder,with slight special odor; high hygroscopicity.
Main content: L-carnitine 50% min
Carrier: SiO2 35%
Storage: Store in dry and cool place in the sealed original packages.
Shelf life: 1 year

Technical Literature

Specification of L-Carnitine 50% feed grade

Test Items Specification
Appearance white crystalline powder
Specific rotation : -14.0°~ -16.0°
Carrier(SiO2) 35.0% max
Water content 14.0% ~ 16.0%(by weight)
Assay (L-Carnitine) 48.5% min


L-Carnitine 50% feed grade also named as "Vitamin Bt", it is mainly used in animal feeds and animal nutrition.Dietary supplements of L-carnitine at dose rates of 20 to 500 mg/kg feed.

  • Improve reproductive performance of animals ( increasing baby birth weights and size)
  • Increases the concentration of carnitine in animal blood and milk, thereby increasing animal bone and muscle density.
  • Promote animals growth.
  • Increase feed efficiency and decrease total cost of breeding.

  • Note: feeding adult ruminants possible losses of carnitine in the rumen due to microbial degradation.

    Dosages of L-carnitine (mg/kg feed)

  • Pig diets: 100-250 (mg/kg feed)
  • Cows and cattle diets: 100-330 (mg/kg feed)
  • Poultry: 20-100 (mg/kg feed)
  • Laying hens and broiler chicken: 50-100 (mg/kg feed)
  • Fish: 100-200 (mg/kg feed)
  • Grower and finisher pigs:200-300 (mg/kg feed)
  • shrim: 200-300 (mg/kg feed)
  • Packages

    Packing: in 25KG net weight fiber drums lined with PP bags.