Xylooligosaccharide(XOS)food grade

Product Overview

CAS No. 87-99-0

H.S Code: 170290

Molecular weight: 132n+18 (n=2~7)

Molecular formula: C5nH8n+2O4n+1

Physical Properties

Xylooligosaccharide (XOS) are made up of xylose molecules linked by b1-4 bonds and mainly consist of xylobiose,xylothiose and xylo-tetraose. is a type offunctional polymer sugar composed of 2-7 xylose moleculesbonded with β (1-4) glycosidic bondsSoluble in water, with a solubility of 1.15g/mL.

Characteristics of Xylooligosaccharide(XOS)

  • Sound acid and thermal stability: its composition is considerably stable and almost remains the same after placing in acids with PH2.3~8.0 for 20min or under 37 deg for two months.
  • Low calorie: its caloric value is 4 Kcal approximately in case of xylose,2Kcal in case of xylobiose and xylotriose, and caloric value of xylooligosaccharide with a polymerization degree,xylotetraose is nearly zero Kcal.
  • Frost resistance: low freezing point (not freezing under -10) with frost resistance.
  • Low water activity with sound bacteriostasis

    Technical Literature

    Specification of Xylooligosaccharide (XOS) powdered form

    Test Items Specification
    XOS content 95%,70%,20%
    Moisture 5% max
    Ash 0.3% max
    PH value 3.5-6.5
    Arsenic 0.3 ppm max
    Lead 0.5 ppm max
    Copper 5 ppm max
    Total plate count (cfu/g or ml) 1000 max
    Coliform Bacteria (MNP/100g or ml) 30 max
    Yeast (cfu/g or ml) 25 max
    Mold (cfu/g or ml) 25 max


    Beverage,functional drink, carbonated beverages production:
    Xylo-oligosaccharide (XOS) could be applied in several kinds of beverage due to its characteristic:
    1) Promote bifid bacteria to proliferate with high selectivity;
    2) Hardly to decomposed by human's digestive enzyme system;
    3) Has the similar functions as water soluble dietary fiber;
    4) Good stability with acidresisitance and heatresisitance property;
    5) Low calorific capacity;
    6) Very low effective dosage It’s widely been used in;
    Used in Dairy production
    Xylo-oligosaccharide(XOS), is one of the best functional oligosaccharide to proliferating bifidobacteria, it has the following advantages when applied in the dairy products.
    1) Helps to relieve lactose intolerance;
    2) Improves immunity;
    3) Promotes nutrition absorption, like calcium, Fe, Vitamin and etc;
    4) Has lowest effective dosage XOS has good acid and heat stability, and has significant function, good compatibility. If added to dairy productions,it has several advantage including promotion of nutrient absorption as well as low‐cost. It is an ideal additive for a new generation dairy products, it has several added‐value for the human health.;
    Healthcare products production
    As one of the most effective prebiotics, it can affect the host beneficially by selectively stimulating the growth and/or bacteria in the colon. And through lots of clinical and vitro test, it has been demonstrated XOS could proliferate bifidobacteria with high selectivity. When applied them in healthcare products, it could help to relieve intestinal disorders,ease the constipation and revolve diarrhea, balance the environment of intestine

    Proposed food application of XOS and maximum levels of use (resource from FDA)

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