Folic acid

Product Overview

CAS NO:59-30-3



EINECS No.59-30-3

Physical Properties

Yellow or off-yellow crystalline powder. No odor and taste. got dark color if heated, not soluble in water and ethyl alcohol, slightly soluble in methyl alcohol, easily soluble in acid or alkali solution.

Technical Literature

Specification of Folic Acid

Test Items Specification
Appearance Yellow or off-yellow crystalline powder
content(%): 95-102%
Moisture 8% max
residue on ignition(%) 98% min (by weight)
Moisture& volatile materials 0.5% max


1)preventing and treating low blood levels of folate;
2)prevent colon cancer or cervical cancer;
3)prevent heart disease and stroke;
4)reduce blood levels of homocysteine;

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in 10kg/20kg/25Kg fiber drums, 10kg/20kg/25kg cartons with pallets.

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