Micronized lecithin granules

Product Overview

Type: micronized lecithin granules

Source: Soybeans

Grade: Food grade

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Physical Properties

Micro-granules Soy Lecithin is a micro granules form of deoiled soy lecithin, it is free flowing tiny granules.
Soy Lecithin free flowing tiny granules,de-oiled soy lecithin.
Brand type:MicroG980
Appearance: free flowing light yellow micro granules;
Color: light yellow,decolored;
Origin: non-GMO soy beans;
Production method: acetone extraction;
Production quality system: BRC, HACCP, Food Safety System Certification 22000,SGS non-GMO;
Products Location: Tianjin,China;

Technical Literature

Specification of Micronized lecithin granules

Test items Specification
Acetone insoluble 97% min
Moisture& volatile materials 1.5% max
Acid Value (as KOH) mg/g 36 max
Peroxide Value ( meq/kg) 12 max
Heavy Metal (as Pb) mg/kg 20 max
As (mg/kg) 3 max


Due to the nature of the lecithin, it is easy to absorb moisture from the air, making the powder agglomerate lose fluidity. This agglomeration creates difficulties for some processes that use deoiled lecithin as a raw material. Make the product mix unevenly. The Micro-granules Soy Lecithin use a special granulation technique to make the phospholipid powder into tiny particles without adding any anti-caking agents and other auxiliary materials. Only physical processing has been carried out. The Micro-granules Soy Lecithin are allowed to prolong the absorption of air moisture to maintain good fluidity during processing.


Packed in 4X5KG bags,20KG cartons.

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