Product Overview


Type:enriched Phosphatidylcholines


Physical Properties

  • Phosphatidylcholines (PC)
  • Other name:1,2-diacyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine
  • Color: golden yellow solid or light yellow fluid.
  • Supplying: as bulk raw materials for commercial industry.
  • Min. Order:10KGS
  • Production quality system: HACCP, Food Safety System Certification 22000
  • Products Location: Tianjin,China.
  • Technical Literature

    Products Names Specification
    Phosphatidylcholine(PC)30%-SOY Oil/water emulsifier used in capsule,fluid form
    Phosphatidylcholine(PC)50%-SOY De-oiled,solid form,decolored with golden yellow color
    Phosphatidylcholine(PC)70%-SOY De-oiled,PCR negative,Decolored
    Phosphatidylcholine(PC)50%-EGG De-oiled,Non-GMO
    Phosphatidylcholine(PC)70%-EGG De-oiled,Non-GMO,Decolored
    Phosphatidylcholine(PC)50%-Sunflower De-oiled,Non-GMO,Decolored
    Phosphatidylcholine(PC)70%-Sunflower De-oiled,Non-GMO,Decolored


  • Raw materials for Cosmetics;
  • Raw materials for Personal care;
  • Raw materials for Nutritional supplements ;
  • Raw materials for Health products;
  • Raw materials for pharmaceuticals.
  • Packages & Stroage:

  • The packages:5X5KG(5KG Aluminum foil bags) bags in a carton (25KG net weight).
  • Storage:Storage in the dry and temperature under 25 deg, prevent from sunlight.
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