Deoiled Soy Lecithin (LeciPRO980)

Product Overview

Type: Non-GMO, deoiled

Brand: LeciPRO980

EINECS No.: 232-307-2


Physical Properties

LerciPRO 980 is the "Deoiled and decolored Soy lecithin powder" made from non-GMO soybeans. To remove the soybean oil from the raw materials-standards soy lecithin oil, the soybeans are not genetically modified, This type of soy lecithin mainly used in food manufacturing.

LeciPRO980 is a light yellow powder, soluble in triglycerides, containing more than 20% phosphatidylcholine (PC), and rich in PE, PI and other substances.

Technical specification

Specification of Soy Lecithin Powder (LeciPRO980)

Test Items Specification
Appearance Light yellow powder
Composition: mixture of phosphor- and glycol- lipids
Solubility dispersible in water, soluble in fats/oils
Acetone insoluble 97% min (by weight)
Moisture& volatile materials 1.0% max (by weight)
Acid Value (as KOH) mg/g 35 max
Peroxide Value ( meq/kg) 10 max
Heavy Metal (as Pb) mg/kg 20 max
As (mg/kg) 3 max


  • To increase the toughness of the dough, its hydrophilic properties make the dough in the flour to increase viscosity;
  • To improve the chemical fermentation processing products texture;
  • To protect the yeast in the frozen dough;
  • To prevent evaporation of moisture from baked food, during storage;
  • To increase food lubricity during the processing of baked foods,
  • To prevent oxidation of Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
  • To Increase lubrication in low-fat foods;
  • Usage guide

  • Cake mixed: suggested concentration(%) 0.5-1
  • Candy: suggested concentration(%) 0.5-1;
  • Chocolate: suggested concentration(%) 0.3-0.5;
  • Margarine: suggested concentration(%) 0.5-3
  • Packages & Stroage:

  • Packages: 5X5KG(5KG Aluminum foil bags) bags in a carton (25KG net weight).
  • Storage: Storage in the dry and temperature under 25°C, prevent from sunlight.
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