Low viscosity soy lecithin

Product Overview

Tpye: LeciPRO50LV

Caracteristicas: Low viscosity

Grade: food grade

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Physical Properties

LerciPRO 50LV is oil-like soy lecithin liquid, the viscosity is max 2000Cps, designed for the spray food processing.

Brand type: LeciLV50
Appearance: Oil-like liquid
Color: light brown yellow,decolored;
Origin: non-GMO soy beans;
Production quality system: HACCP, Food Safety System Certification 22000,SGS non-GMO;
Products Location: Tianjin,China.

Technical Literature

Specification of Soy Lecithin Oil low viscosity

Test items Specification
Acetone insoluble 50% min
Viscosity at 25°C 2000CPS max
Moisture& volatile materials 1.5% max
Acid Value (as KOH) mg/g 36 max
Peroxide Value ( meq/kg) 10 max
Heavy Metal (as Pb) mg/kg 20 max
As (mg/kg) 3 max


Used as sprayable, wetting and instantizing agent in food processsing.

Packages & Stroage:

  • The packages:200KG Net weight iron drums
  • Storage: Storage in the dry and temperature under 25 deg, prevent from sunlight.
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