Plant Sterol Esters (soy)

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H.S code: 21069090

Certificate: HALAL,KOSHER

Type:Nutritional additives

Physical Properties

Plant Sterol Esters,Phytosterol esters, generally composed of a fatty acid that has been confirmed by numerous studies esterification or transesterification reaction of the plant sterols has significant lipid-lowering function. However, plant sterols do not dissolve in water, slightly soluble in the oil, this disadvantage limits its application. Over the years, people have been trying to phytosterols modified to expand its range of applications.By purifying modified plant sterols have developed a variety of products. Wherein the esterified phytosterols sterol ester is one of the most important means of modification.For ease in food processing applications, it requires a change in the form of plant sterols without affecting the physiological functions of plant sterols premise. The plant sterol fatty acid ester meet this requirement, it greatly improves the fat-soluble plant sterols, which can be added to the oil-containing foods. Phytosterol esters are hydrolysed by pancreatic lipase free form of cholesterol sterol is absorbed, which is the only difference between free sterols and sterol ester in metabolism, thus having the same physiological function phytosterol ester phytosterols.

Technical Literature

Specification of Plant Sterol Esters

Test Items Specification
Appearance pale yellow paste
Total sterol esters 95% GC area% min
Free sterols 5% GC area% max
Total plant sterols 59 % W/W
Acid Value 1 mg KOH/g max
Peroxide Value 5.0meq/kg max
Moisture 0.1% max
Heavy metal 10 ppm max
Standard plate count 1000 max(per g)
Yeast & mold 300 max
Salmonella Negtive
E. coli Negtive


Plant Sterol Esters is widely used in dairy products, bakery products, sausage, vegetable oil, fruit juice and other foods.Rich in plant sterol ester functionality dark chocolate bars can not only reduce cholesterol levels in the human body and its nutritional and sensory will not change significantly in the next five months of storage at room temperature. Add frying fats sitosterol, can inhibit polymerization of triglycerides, played a good antioxidant. Add a certain amount of plants remain alcohol smear cheese, cheese spread nature of the organizational structure, shear and viscosity, etc. have significantly improved. Plants remain alcohol and a fatty acid to form phytosterol esters, has been added to a variety of beverages as a new category of functional beverages, such as with lower serum cholesterol functional protein drinks.

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packed in 20/25KG plastic drums or 180KG iron drums, private label acceptable.should be stored refrigerated place.self-life last 12 month in the original packages.

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