Calcium Chloride anhydrous

Product Overview

CAS NO: 10043-52-4

Chemicals Formula: CaCl2

Molecular Weight 110.98

EC number: 233-140-8

Physical Properties

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) anhydrous is normally a white or off-white granular, honeycomb, spherical, irregular granular and powdery forms. Slightly toxic, odorless and slightly bitter. It is extremely hygroscopic and easily deliquesces when exposed to air. Easily soluble in water, the solubility is 74.5 g / 100g water at 20 ℃, and a lot of heat is released at the same time (the enthalpy of dissolution of calcium chloride is -176.2cal / g). Water, gradually heated to 30 ℃, dissolved in its own crystal water, continued heating and gradually lost water, to 200 ℃ into dihydrate, and then heated to 260 ℃ to become white porous calcium chloride . During the heating and dehydration of hydrated calcium chloride, a part of the hydrolysis reaction takes place, so the product often contains a small amount of CaO impurities.

Technical Literature

Specification of Calcium Chloride anhydrous

Test Items Specification
CaCl2 94% min
Sodium Chloride 5% max
MgCl 0.5% max
Ca(OH)2 0.25% max
Sulfate (as CaSO4) 0.05 max
PH Value 7-11
Fe 0.006% max


Used as desiccant, deicing agent, and snow remover in low temperature environment.(30% calcium chloride aqueous solution can not freeze at a temperature of minus 55 degrees)


Packed in 25KG net weight woven bags lined with pp bags;
Packed in 1000KGS jumbo bags;


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