Phosphatidylcholine(PC) egg source

Product Overview

Source: Egg yolk powder

Grade:Food grade


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Physical Properties

Egg yolk Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is derived from fresh egg powder, is a kind of lecithin and contain Phosphatidylcholine (PC), remove Cholesterol and triglycerides from the egg yolk, egg yolk lecithin belong to the animal origin products and it has the "Affinity characteristic" with human consumption.
Compare with the Soy source lecithin, it has a higher content of Phospholipid and unsaturated fatty acid. For improving hyperlipidemia, inhibit atherosclerosis and thrombosis, anti-fatty liver, improve memory, strengthen neurotransmission system activity, egg yolk lecithin play an important role.

Technical specification

Specification of egg yolk lecithin

Test Items Specification
Phosphatidyl chorine: 30%, 60%, 70%
Ethanol Insoluble: 1.0% max
Moisture: 1.5% max
Acid Value: 30 mgKOH.g max
Peroxide Value: 6 max
Acid Value (as KOH) mg/g 36 max


It can be applied in various kinds of health food or pharmaceutical products.

Packages & Delivery:

Carton - net weight 20 kg. Other packages may be available upon request.

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