Fructooligosaccharides(FOS) Powder

Product Overview

-CAS No:308066-66-2

-MF: C6H12O6


-H.S Code:17029000

Physical Properties

Fructooligosaccharides(FOS)90/95 Powder made from sucrose by Fermentation process which is natural food fiber.FOS (Fructose-oligosaccharides) is a mixture of oligosaccharides (GF2, GF3, GF4) which are composed of fructose units connected by ß (2-1) links. These molecules are terminated by a fructose unit. The total number of fructose or glucose units (Degree of Polymerization or DP) of oligofructose ranges mainly between 2 and 4.

Processing properties of FOS as an Ingredient
 - Sweetness of FOS is 0.3-0.6 times of sucrose.
 - FOS is very soluble in water and more soluble than sucrose.
 - It does not crystallize, precipitate or leave a dry or sandy feeling in the mouth.
 - Viscosity is relativity higher than sucrose.

Stability of FOS
In very acid conditions, significant exposure times and temperatures, FOS may hydrolyse into fructose. FOS is more sensitive to acid hydrolysis. This makes the use of FOS in highly acidic ambient products with a long shelf life such as soft drinks rather difficult. In most other applications, such as industrial fruit preparations and fresh fruit juices, the hydrolysis can be limited by controlling the process.

Technical Literature

Specification of Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS)

Test Items specification
Appearance white powder
Total FOS(Dry/B),%: 90%,95%
Moisture % 5% max
PH Value 5-7
lead (count as Pb)mg/kg 0.5 max
As(Count as As), mg/kg) 0.3 max
Total Bacterial,cfu /g 0.5 max
lead (count as Pb)mg/kg 1000 max
Coliforms,MPN/100g 30 max
Mould &yeast,cfu/10g 25 max
Pathogen Negative



For the Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) powder 95, the packages are 25KG net weight bags lined with 2 layers PP bags, 15 metric tons (600 bags) can be fully loaded in 20 feet containers, with pallets and wrapping.


Each packing unit carry a label indicating the name of the product, the net weight, the name of the manufacture, the date of production, the batch code, expiry date or shelf life and storage condition.

Storage Conditions:

Keep in a cool, well-ventilated place, stored away from extreme heat and away from sunlight

Samples Policy:

Due to the rising cost for international delivery, no free samples, for quality check, the buyer party bear the delivery charges firstly, all the samples charges will refund when the order is secured.For R&D and small trials, we will charge the minimum cost.


Interested buyers are welcome to send inquiry to our sales staff email: info@orisonchem.com

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