Product Overview

CAS Number: 56-40-6

Chemical formula: C2H5NO2

Molar mass: 75.07 g·mol−1

HS Code:29224910

Physical Properties

Glycine is a colorless, sweet-tasting crystalline powder.easy to be dissolved in water, slightly dissolved in methanol and ethanol, but not dissolved in acetone and ether.According to the application and production process, glycine is divided into: food grade glycine, feed grade glycine, industrial grade glycine
Glycine USP36
Glycine EP7.0
Glycine BP2007
Glycine FCCVI
Glycine E640

Technical Literature

Specification of Glycine

Test Items Specification
Assay 98.5% min
Chloirde: 0.007% max
Loss on Drying 0.2% max


1) Used in food addtivities:flavoring, sweetener,improve the flavor and the taste of food;
2) Used in feed addyitives:to improve the poultry and pets amino acid;
3) Used in pharmacuticals: as a supplemental to treat myasthenia progressive and pseudo hypertrophic muscular dystrophy

Packages & Delivery:

Packing in 25KG bags/750KG jumbo bags/1000KG jumbo bags
Deliver time: the cargo can be deliver to the sea port (Tianjin sea port or Qingdao sea port)for shipment with 10-20 days after order contract;

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