Montmorillonite Feed Grade

Product Overview

CAS No:1318-93-0

Molecular Formula:Al2H2O12Si4

Molecular Weight:360.307 g/mol

Type: Feed Grade

Physical Properties

Montmorillonite is a off-white powder, water-absorbent mineral hydrated aluminum silicate,it swells 12 times its dry size when added to water.It has cation exchangeability, cohesiveness, suspension property and adsorption property.

Technical Literature

Specification of Montmorillonite feed grade

Test Items Specification
Appearance off-white powder
Purity 90%/95%


1) For the feed enterprises to produce feed: use the adsorption of montmorillonite to adsorb harmful molds in the animal's intestines, prevent and treat diarrhea;
2) Used as raw materials for the development of other feed additives and veterinary drugs;

Packages & Delivery:

Packages: packed in 25KG net weight fiber drums with inner PE bags.
Delivery time: shipment effected within 15-20 days after order contract or order confirmed;
Samples delivery: we offer 500g samples for buy's own lab quality test under buyer's DHL account or paied by Paypal;
Inquiry: Interested buyer send us inquiry for samples and pricing by email: info@orisonchem.com