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CAS No.:68424-04-4


EINECS No.:68424-04-4

Quality systems:ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO22000,Haccp,Kosher

Physical Properties

Polydextrose is produced from "corn starch" , it is kind of soluble dietary fiber.Different with other insoluble dietary fiber, polydextrose has mortifications: Polydextrose not only has the functions of loosening the bowels to relieve constipation, lowering the risk of intestinal cancer, but also can significantly lower blood cholesterol by eliminating cholic acid, and significantly lower the blood glucose level after meal. With its properties of low calorie, stability and high tolerability, polydextrose can be widely used in various food, especially functional food with low calorie and high fiber.5

Technical Literature

Specification of Polydextrose

Test Items Specification
Polydextrose (dry basis,ash free) 90%min by weight
Loss on drying 4% max by weight
PH Value 2.5-7.0
Ash 0.3% max by weight
1,6- dehydration-D-dextrose 4.0% max by weight
Dextrose and Sorbitol 6.0% max by weight
5- hydroxymethylfurfural(HMF) 0.1% max by weight
Lead (Pb) 0.5% max(mg/kg)


1) Replace fat and sugar in food, improve food’s texture and taste;
2) Refreshing taste, release food’s fragrance easily, has the effect of improving flavor in various applications;
3) The well known source of dietary fiber;
4) Perfect healthy prebiotics in digestive tract;
5) Low blood glucose reaction, independent of insulin while metabolism, be suitable for patients with diabetes;
6) Sense of satiety, help to control weight, be suitable for consumers who want to control the intake of carbondrate;
7) High tolerability;

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