Product Overview

CAS No.:56038-13-2

Type:food sweetener

EINECS No.:259-952-2

MF: C12H19Cl3O8/p>

Physical Properties

Sucralose is a new generation of food sweetener. It is a white crystalline powder (or granule)
Sweetness is 600 times that of sucrose;
a sucrose-based dessert;
High safety, ADI value 15mg/kg
No calories, no metabolism, no absorption, suitable for diabetics, obesity patients;
Has been approved for use in the food processing industry in more than 100 countries;

Technical Literature

Specification of Sucralose

Test Items Specification
Appearance White powder or granular
Assay: 98%-102%
Moisture: 2% max
Ash: 0.7% max
As: 3 ppm max
Lead: 1 ppm max<
Peroxide Value ( meq/kg) 10 max


Used in fruit juices, compound seasonings, blended wines, dairy products, candy and other foods.

Packages & Stroage:

Packed in 25KG net weight drums or cartons

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