Product Overview

CAS No: 1318-00-9

H.S Code: 25301020



Physical Properties

Vermiculite is one of a phyllosilicate group of minerals, Color as gold-brown,Sliver. Rock and other impurities are removed from the crude ore which is then crushed and sorted into thin, flat flakes which containing microscopic layers of water; When heated the crude Vermiculite,it EXFOLIATED up to 30 times its original volume,due to the microscopic layers of water turning to steam and forcing the laminar layers apart. According to the size, it can be classified as: Lager grade vermiculite,Fine grade vermiculite, Medium grade vermiculite.

Technical Literature

Crude Golden Vermiculite ore

Test Items Specification
Expansion ratio 5-12 times
Impurity: 7-20%
PH: 6.5-9
size: 0.2-7mm

Crude Silver Vermiculite ore

Test Items Specification
Expansion ratio 5-12 times
PH: 6.5-9
size: Micron grade, Superfine grade,Fine grade, Medium grade


the Vermiculite ore mainly used in horticulture,as seed or plant growing and moistening growing media.
Swimming Pool and Pond Linings,Iron and steel metallurgy,Construction material, Fireproof insulation materials, Agriculture,

Packages and delivery:

The packages: Packed in 1000-1200KGS jumbo bags with pallets;or required by customers.