Activated Carbon

Product Overview

CAS No: 64365-11-3

Raw materials: coal,coconut shell

Size Form: Powder,Granular,

Activated Carbon for Home application

Orison Chemicals Limited is a allied producer of activated carbon in north China, our production facility included the " SLEP activated carbon, Rotary kiln,multihearth" to produce different grade and applications of activated carbon, we have a different refining production lines, can be adapted to different materials, different craftsmanship and manufacturing needs.The company use a variety of high-quality raw materials, such as: coconut, almond shell, coal, wood to produce the full range of activated carbon, annual production capacity of 7,000 tons. Widely used in chemical industry,water treatment,mining, petroleum, metallurgy, food, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals.Coal based Activated carbon is processed via the flow chart: Charring → cooling → activation → washing→ packing, the finished product is a amorphous granular, after the further processing, it can be Cylinder form, powder form, granular form.The most advantage to use the coal based activated carbon is "Low Cost", the cost using coal based activated carbon is only the 1/3 cost of the wooden based AC, such as Coconuts sell, bamboo.

Technical Literature

Specification of Activated carbon (coconut shell)

Test Items Specification
specific surface area (m2/g) N2BET 1000-1400
total pore volume (ml/g) 1
median pore volume (ml/g) 0.2
microporous volume (ml/g) 98% min (by weight)
Moisture& volatile materials ~0.55
hardness no. 96 min ( GH/T12496.6-1999)
Peroxide Value ( meq/kg) 12 max
loss on drying 10% max


drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, industrial water treatment,good pore structure,low impurity content, particle size appropriate, easy regeneration, small resistance, high strength

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Packed in 25KG bags, or 800KG jumbo bags

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