Calcium Formate feed grade

Product Overview

CAS No: 544-17-2

Molecular formula: Ca (HCOO) 2

Molecular weight: 130.12

Grade: Feed Grade

Calcium Formate feed grade Physical Properties

Calcium Formate Feed grade is white crystalline powder,bitter and non toxic, with slight moisture absorption.The solubility of calcium formate does not change much with the temperature increase, 16g / 100g water at 0 ℃, 18.4g / 100g water at 100 ℃.non-flammable and non-exclusive

Technical Literature

Specification Calcium Formate Feed Garde

Test Items Specification
Content % 98% min
Lost on drying 0.5% max
Calcium content 30.1% min
PH Value 7.0-7.5
Heavy metal (as Pb) 10 ppm max
As 5 ppm max


Working as feed additives: Calcium formate can be converted into formic acid by animals through biochemical processes, which effectively reduces the PH value in the gastrointestinal tract and plays a role in maintaining proper acid in the intestine. It is helpful to activate the pepsin source and improve the digestibility of feed nutrients. Another antibacterial and antiseptic effect.

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Packing in 25KG woven bags lined with pp bags;
Packing in 1000KG jumbo bags;

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