Chromium Nicotinate 98%

Product Overview

CAS Number:64452-96-6

Molecular formula:C18H12CrN3O6

Molecular Weight: 418.32

Type:feed grade

Physical Properties

Chromium Nicotinate is smoky gray fine powder, good fluidity, stable at room temperature, insoluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, where the elemental chromium is trivalent chromium.

Technical Literature

Specification of Chromium Nicotinate feed grade

Test Items Specification
Appearance somky gray powder
Content as Cr(C6H4NO2)3: 98% min
Chromium (as Cr3) 12.2% min
Loss on drying 2% max
Heavy Metal (Pb) 0.002% max
As 0.0005% max


1) Promote the rapid growth of hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering in livestock and poultry, and improve the return of feed;
2) Improve the absorption of glucose in animals and promote the synthesis of proteins in animals;
3) Improve the immune function of livestock and poultry, reduce the risk of livestock and poultry breeding;

Packages & Stroage:

Packed in 5KG bags/25KG drums

Stroage:stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse;kept away form water and moisture during transport.

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