Cyanuric acid

Product Overview

CAS No: 108-80-5

H.S Code:2933692910

Chemical formula:C3H3N3O3

Molar mass: 129.1 g/mol

Physical Properties

colorless white powder or granules, slightly soluble in water, melting point is 330 deg. PH value of saturated solution is 4.0 min.

Technical Literature

Specification of Cyanuric acid

Test Items Specification
Appearance granular,powder,tablets
content 98.5%min
Moisture 0.50%max
Burnt residue 0.05%max
PH (1%solution) 4.0 min
Ammelide/Ammeline 0.5%max
Iron(Fe) 10 ppm max
Sulphate(SO42-) 0.5%max


For manufacture of chlorinated isocyanates. Its mainly used in synthesizing new type bleaching agent, resin, anti-oxidant, paint, coating, selective weedkiler and metal cyaniding slow corrodent. And it also can be directly used as swimming pool chlorine stabilizer,nylon, plastic, polyseter, fire-retardant agent and cosmetics additive.

Packages & Delivery:

in 25kg, 1000kg bag for powder.In 25kg plastic bag or 50kg PE drums for granular.In airy and dry place, avoid moisture, water, rain or fire; transported with common vehicles.

Inquiry & F.A.Q

Cyanuric acid,promptly supplying powder form,granular form, tablets form. packaed in drums and cartons according to the buyer's request.