L-Carnitine base

Product Overview

CAS#: 541-15-1

Grade: USP/EP7/FCC

Molecular Formula: C7H15NO3

Molecular Weight: 161.20

Physical Properties

Properties: White crystal or crystalline powder, with hygroscopic characteristics, easily soluble in water and ethanol. Insoluble in acetone or ethyl acetate.

L-carnitine, also known as L-carnitine, has a chemical structure similar to choline and is similar to amino acids, but it is not an amino acid and cannot participate in protein biosynthesis. Because L-carnitine can be synthesized by humans and most animals through its own body to meet physiological needs, it is not a real vitamin, but just a vitamin-like substance. Its main role is to help transport long-chain fatty acids to provide energy. This prevents fat from accumulating in the heart, liver, and skeletal muscle. It can prevent fat metabolism disorders in diabetes, fatty liver and heart disease. Taking carnitine can reduce heart damage. It can reduce triglycerides in the blood and also has a certain effect on weight loss. Carnitine can strengthen the antioxidant effects of vitamin E and vitamin C. Carnitine deficiency is congenital, such as inherited carnitine synthesis. Symptoms are heartache, muscle wasting and obesity.

L-carnitine is a compound with a variety of physiologically active functions. Its main function is to promote the β-oxidation of fatty acids; it can also regulate the acyl ratio in the mitochondria and affect energy metabolism; L-carnitine can participate in the transport of branched-chain amino acid metabolites , Thereby promoting the normal metabolism of branched-chain amino acids. In addition, L-carnitine plays a role in the elimination and utilization of ketone bodies, can be used as a biological antioxidant to scavenge free radicals, maintain the stability of the membrane, improve animal immunity and the ability to resist disease and stress. Recent studies have shown that L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine play an important carrier role in the energy metabolism of sperm mitochondria, which can clear ROS and protect sperm membrane function. Oral administration of L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine can increase the total number of forward motor sperm and motor sperm in patients with oligospermia and asthenozoospermia, increase the woman ’s clinical pregnancy rate, and is safe and effective. Clinical experimental studies at home and abroad have shown that carnitine treatment of male infertility is a new breakthrough in the field of male infertility drug treatment in recent years, and its in-depth research is necessary to further clarify its mechanism of action and clarify its indications.

L-Carnitine Specification

Test Items Specification
Appearance white crystalline powder
Assy: 99%


As a new type of nutritional fortifier, L-carnitine, especially as an additive for infant formula, athlete food and fat-reducing bodybuilding food, has been widely used in functional foods. L-carnitine as a commodity is mainly its hydrochloride, tartrate and magnesium citrate.


Packing: in 25KG net weight fiber drums lined with PP bags, or in 25KG net weight cartons lined with pp bags on the pallets.

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