Hypochlorous acid

Product Overview

CAS#: 7790-92-3

Chemical name: Hypochlorous acid

Molecular Formula: HOCl

Molecular Weight: 52.46 g/mol

Physical Properties

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) Hypochlorous acid is a weak acid that exists in nature and the human body. The commercially used hypochlorous acid aqueous solution is formed from sodium chloride, water, and hydrochloric acid through electrolysis under the control of PH value. When the PH value is controlled at the correct level, hypochlorous acid is produced. Hypochlorous acid water is closer to human body pH, higher safety, stronger sterilization ability, stronger stability, valid for more than 12 months, and no residue, no drug resistance.

Product Origin: China;
Packing in 25KG/1000KGS plastic drums;
Delivery time: within 15 days after order contract;
Production Quality System: ISO9000, HACCP
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Technical Literature

Specification of D-Ribose

Test Items Specification
Appearance colorless aqueous solution
Concentration: 50ppm~ 200 ppm


Food Industry: Disinfection of food materials, food containers and packaging, workers' tooling, tools, etc.
Livestock industry: utensils, utensils, disinfection; animal fur, distribution boxes, transportation vehicles disinfection.
Medical industry: disinfection in laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, dentistry
Used daily in schools and hotels for disinfection;


Packing: in 25KG or 1000KGS drums

Storage: The product should be stored in a ventilated, dry, cool warehouse. The temperature keeped below 30 ° C