Product Identification

CAS No:87-89-8

EINECS No.201-781-2

Chemical formula: C6H12O6

Molar mass: 180.16 g/mol

Physical Properties

Inositol also named: Cyclohexanehexol; Hexahydroxycyclohexane; Myo-inositol, FCC Grade i-Inositol, inositol NF12, Inositol is a naturally existing nutrient found in various forms in the body of plant and animals, the most common being Myo-inositol.Myo-inositol is one of nine distinct isomers of inositol, and the terms are often used interchangeably. Humans can produce the inositol supplement from glucose. The pure inositol is a white critical powder form, toast sweet, soluble in the water, and acetic acid. Inositol can be exacted from the corn steep liquor.

Inositol Specification (feed grade)

Specification of Inositol for feed

Test Items Specification
Appearance white crystalline powder
identification: Positive reaction
Melting point: 224-227℃
Heavy Metal (Pb): 0.002% max
Loss on Drying 0.5% max
Residue on Ignition: 0.1% max
Fineness 15-30 mesh
Assay 97% min

Inositol applications

Feed industry: nutritional additive, vitamins, and provitamins
Inositol feed grade is widely used in premixes feed for fish, shrimps, and fur-bearing animals. It helps to promote improved animals (dogs and cats) health, growth rates, shiny coat, skin quality, and feed utilization. Inositol supports the animals' skin’s self-restoring power by enhancing the regenerative and repair capabilities of the dermis.

Inositol Packages:

Packed in in 25KGS net weight fiber drums lined with PP bags, gross weight:27KGS, with pallets


In dry and cool places avoid moisture and sunlight in the closed containers.

Self life:

48 months in the good storage condition

Inositol Labeling:

Product Name, manufacture date, expiry date, lot number, supplier and manufacturer name, Country of origin.


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