Menthol Crystal

Product Overview

CAS No:2216-51-5



EINECS No.:200-659-6

Physical Properties

Colorless, transparent hexagonal or needlelike crystals,Have the characteristic odor of Chinese natural menthol

Technical Literature

Specification of Menthol Crystal

Test Items Specification
Appearance needlelike crystals
Purity (%) 99% min
Non- volatile matter(%) 0.05% max
Arsenic (As) 3 ppm max
Lead (Pb) 2ppm max
Mercury (Hg) 1ppm max
Peroxide Value ( meq/kg) 12 max
Heavy Metal (as Pb) mg/kg 10ppm max


1) medicine: use as excitants, act on skin ,cool and refreshing,Menthol balm ,ainkillers,oral hygiene.
2) Toothpastes,dentifrice,sweets,drinks ,cigarettes and spice,etc

Packages & Delivery:

Packed in 25KG fiber drums
Storage: Kept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture, store at room temperature
Menthol crystal shelf life: 3 years

Inquiry & F.A.Q

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