Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Product Overview

H.S Code:21039010

CAS NO.:142-47-2

Molecular Weight:187.13

Certification:HACCP, ISO, KOSHER,

Physical Properties

Monosodium glutamate is the sodium salt of glutamic acid.Monosodium glutamate added to foods produces a flavouring function similar to the glutamate that occurs naturally in foods. It acts as a flavour enhancer and adds a fifth taste, called “umami”, which is best described as a savoury, broth-like or meaty taste.

Technical Literature

Specification of Monosodium glutamate

Test Items Specification
Purity 99%,95%,90%,80%,70%
State of solution (transmittance) 98%
Specific rotation +24.8°~+25.3°
Loss on drying 0.5% max
Fe 5mg/kg max
Sulphate (SO42-) 0.05% max
Pb 1 mg/kg max
mesh size 8-120 mesh


Flavored (especially cheese-flavored) chips and crackers,Canned soups,Instant noodles,Soup and dip mixes,Seasoning salt,Bouillon cubes,Salad dressings,Gravy mixes or pre-made gravies,Cold cuts and hot dogs, including soy-based (i.e. vegetarian) varieties

Packages & Delivery:

Packing: in 25KG net weight kraft paper bag or pp bags.

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