Product Overview

CAS No.:149-32-6

Molecular Formula:C4H10O4

Molecular Weight:122.12

Type: natural sweetener

Physical Properties

Type:Flavoring Agents, Sweetener
Granular size:20-30 mesh/30-60 mesh/60-80 mesh/80-100 mesh
Production method: Pure natural sweetener produced by "fermentation"
Form: white crystalline particles,freely souble in water, sweetness 70% of sucrose.
Delivery time:within 15 days after order contacts.

Erythritol is a sweetener classified as a sugar alcohol. It exists in nature, fruits, mushrooms and other plants, and is rich in fermented products such as wine and soy sauce. According to Chinese official identification, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare's energy evaluation method, erythritol is the only product identified as "zero energy".
As a new type of sweetener, erythritol can significantly improve the bitterness or metallic taste produced by adding high-power sweeteners, and can bring a pleasant tasting experience to consumers.

Technical Literature

Specification of Erythritol (non-GMO)

Test Items Specification
Appearance white crystalline powder
Assay(on dry basis) 99.5% min
Ash 0.01% max
Loss on drying 0.2% max
Heavy metals(Pb) 0.5 mg/kg max
As 2 mg/kg max
Cont of bacteria 300 cfu/g max
Yeast and Mould 10/g max
E.Coli Negative


1) Used in baked goods: can replace sucrose to get lower calories;
2) Used in jam and cream to increase flavor;
3) Used in candy and chocolate,abtaining a cool taste;
4) Health foods: Used for zero calorie foods, beverages, diet foods, sugar-reduced foods, etc.

Packages & Delivery:

Shelf life: 24 month
Package:25kg/bag, 20MT/20'FCL with pallets

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