Potassium Diformate

Product Overview

CAS No: 20642-05-1

Molecular Formula:HCOOH·HCOOK

Molecular Weight:130.14

Type: Feed acidifier

Physical Properties

White crystalline powder, soluble in water, sour taste, easy to decompose at high temperature.Potassium diformate is an important cause of growth-promoting agents because of its safety and antibacterial properties, which are based on simple, unique molecular structures. Its main components, formic acid and potassium formate, naturally occur in nature and in the intestines of pigs, eventually decomposing into CO2 and water, and are completely biodegradable.

Technical Literature

Specification of Potassium Diformate

Test Items Specification
Appearance white powder or granular
Active K-diformate 80% min


1) Increasing the feed conversion rate promotes the absorption of nutrients by animals. Potassium diformate is beneficial to increase the activity of digestive enzymes in the stomach of animals and promote the absorption and conversion rate of protein feed by animals;

2) Sterilizing bacteria and inhibiting the bacteria growth,to reduce consumption of antibiotics in the feed producing;

3) Potassium diformate can reduce the excretion of feces containing phosphorus and nitrogen in animals, reduce the excretion of pathogenic bacteria, and help to purify the environment for animal growth.

4) Potassium diformate can inhibit the mildew of feed and increase the storage time of feed;

5)Potassium diformate is an acidifying agent that can lower the pH value in the stomach of an animal. Its special effect is a slow release process, which is beneficial to improve the environment of animals;

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