Soda Ash

Product Overview

Chemicals Formula:Na2CO3

EC number:207-838-8

HS Code:28362000

CAS NO 497-19-8

Physical Properties

White crystal powder, easily soluble in water, water solution is alkali, easily absorbing moisture and CO2 if exposing in the air.

Technical Literature

Specification of Soda Ash Light

Test Items Specification
Total Alkalinity(as Na2CO3)% 99.2% min
Chloride content (as NaCL)% 0.7% max
Iron 0.0035% max
Water Insoluble 0.03% max
Bulk density (g/ml) 0.9 max
Granular Size (180um residue on sieve) 70% min

Specification of Soda Ash Dense

Test Items Specification
Total Alkalinity(as Na2CO3)% 99.5% min
Chloride content (as NaCL)% 0.3% max
Iron 0.003% max
Water Insoluble 0.04% max
Bulk density (g/ml) 1 max
Granularity (Up 180um) 78% min
Granularity (Up 1.18mm) 2% max


Soda Ash was widely used in the manufacturing glass, detergent, soap,water treatment, food and caking ect

Packages & Delivery:

Soda ash light packed in 40KG woven bags,21MT/20'FCL.

Soda ash dense packed in 50KG woven bags,25MT/20'FCL.