Sodium metabisulfite

Product Overview

CAS No: 7681-57-4

H.S Code:28321000

Chemical Formula: Na2S2O5

Molecular Weight: 190.106539 g/mol

Physical Properties

Sodium metabisulfite is a white crystalline or powder a slight sulfur odor. EC No:231-673-0;UN No:1795;Melting Point:greater than 302° F,soluble in water, glycerol; slightly soluble in alcohol

Technical Literature

Specification of Sodium metabisulfite

Test Items Specification
Appearance white or slightly yellowish crystalline powder
Sodium Metabisulfite 96-98% min
SO2 65% min
Fe 0.003% max
Lead 0.001% max
PH 4.0-4.2 max
Water insoluble 0.05% max


Used as a food preservative in foods such as baked goods, jams, wines, dried fruit and many sauces.and as a laboratory reagent, cosmetic and industrial bleaching agent and reducing agent,it is also used to remove excess chlorine from drinking water and as a photographic developing and fixing bath agent.

Packages & Delivery:

Packed in 25KG net weight woven bags, or 1000KG jumbo bags.

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