Sodium Hyaluronate

Product Overview

CAS No: 9067-32-7

MF: C14H22NNaO11

FW: 403.31

Type.: Cosmetic Grade

Physical Properties

Sodium hyaluronate ,also known as Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, is a physiologically active substance widely present in the human body. It is a high-molecular-weight linear mucopolysaccharide composed of glucuronic acid and acetaminohexose. It forms a viscous and elastic solution in water, with physiological pH and ionic strength. Produced by fermentation of Lactococcus, it is white or off-white particles or powder with no odor.

Technical Literature

Specification Sodium hyaluronate Cosmetic Grade

Test Items Specification
Appearance White or off-white powder or granules
Sodium hyaluronate: 93% min
Glucuronic acid 45% min
Protein 0.1% max
PH (0.5% aqueous solution) 5-8.5
Molecular weight 3000 Da-2.6 million Da
Loss on drying 10% max
Heavy metals (as lead) 10 ppm max
Heavy Metal (as Pb) mg/kg 20 max