Product Overview

CAS No:8002-43-5

Formula: C10H19NO8PR2

Type:health care supplements

Quality Control: FSSC 22000:2011,BRC GLOBAL

Physical Properties

Phosphatidylcholine(PC) are a class of phospholipids,the major membrane-forming phospholipid, chemically extracted using hexane from "egg yolk" and "soy lecithin", mainly benefits for human in senescence,liver health and repare,to lower the fat in blood. LeciPRO-PC50 is a enriched PC, the PC content level is 50-60%, de oiled from soy lecithin.

Technical Literature

Specification of phosphatidylcholine(PC)

Test Items Specification
Phosphatidylcholine 30%,50%,70%
Ethanol insoluble 1% max
Moisture 1.5% max
Acid value 30 mgKOH/g max
Peroxide value 6 meq/kg max


Cosmetics; Personal care; Nutritional supplements ;Health products; pharmaceuticals.

Packages & Delivery:

Packed in 5KG al-bags, 4X5 bags in 20KG carton, available shipment by air under "Cold chain transport" from China to rest of the world

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