Soy Lecithin Powder Feed Grade

Product Overview

CAS No: 8002-43-5

H.S Code: 29232000

Solid shape: dry fine powder

Grade: Feed Grade

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Brief introduction of feed grade lecithin

Soy Lecithin Fine Powder feed grade (LeciPRO 950F)
It is a de-oiled dry soy lecithin fine powder, it is pure soy lecithin with high concentration (95%min) of phospholipids, it is a free-flowing fine powder to use in functional, nutritional feed processing as an emulsifier, thickener, stabilizer, mild preservative, moisturizer. it is widely used in Poultry Feed, Pig Feed, Cattle Feed, Sheep Feed, Ruminants Feed, Shrimp Feed, Fish Feed, Pet Foods for all animal species.

Why Deoiled soy lecithin powder?
In animal feed, lecithin is widely used as an emulsifier, which can improve the digestibility of fat and fat-soluble vitamins in the feed. However, most of the commercial lecithin comes from crude phospholipids, a by-product of soybean oil processing plants. It contains about 40% of soybean oil, has a good consistency, and is difficult to use in feed processing. De-oiled phospholipids are produced to solve this problem. De-oiled phospholipids contain not less than 95% phospholipids, which can be made into powders and granules with good fluidity.

Technical Specification

Specification of Soy Lecithin Powder Feed grade (HPLC)

Test Items Specification
-Acetone insoluble 95% min (by weight)
-Moisture 1% max (by weight)
-Acid Value (as KOH) mg/g 36 max
-Peroxide Value ( meq/kg) 12 max
-Heavy Metal (as Pb) mg/kg 20 max
-As (mg/kg) 3 max


Soy Lecithin powder (LeciPRO950F) application for feed processing: